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We pledge to provide personalized, high quality accounting, bookkeeping, consulting, and tax services, ethically and with integrity to our clients. We approach accounting and tax problems honestly, yet creatively. And, we promise to offer our services at a fair and competitive rate.

We are experts in managing the personal finance needs of our individual clients. We can organize and compile your financial records, pay bills, make deposits, administer bank accounts, prepare income tax returns, and solve all your financial problems.

Small Businesses
Privately owned small businesses are the backbone of our practice. In fact, we began as a small business ourselves and are, therefore, in a particularly advantaged position to understand the needs and requirements of smaller businesses.

We have grown with, and help grow many of our clients into major companies, and are well experienced with every facet of growth. Whether your business needs to improve operations, or reduce costs, we can help.

We can organize and compile your financial records, prepare business tax returns, and help solve problems due to government regulations, complex tax rules, and paperwork. We can even setup computer systems for you, and then train your employees to use them.

No matter how small your business, to us, you're always a big client.

Privacy Policy
Certified Public Accountants, like all providers of personal financial services, are now required by law to inform their clients of their policies regarding privacy of client information. CPAs have been and continue to be bound by professional standards of confidentiality that are even more stringent than those required by the new federal law. So we have always protected your right to privacy.

In the course of providing you with professional services, we receive significant personal financial information from you, from financial institutions, such as banks, brokerage firms and insurance companies, from governmental entities and agencies, from other professionals such as attorneys and other accountants, and from parties with whom we are negotiating on your behalf. We may also receive information from other sources, either as directed by you or with your consent.

You should know that all information that is received from or about clients of this Firm is held in confidence, and is not released to people outside the Firm, except where it will assist us in representing you, or as required by law. When we get information about you, you may rest assured that it is secure.

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